ck disco. An elegantly designed cuff-based watch, inspired by a disco ball. The Swiss made watch, housed within a lustrous domed bracelet fabricated with mirrored facets. Stitched together like fabric, soft to the skin. Calvin Klein, Disco, Women's Watch, Stainless Steel Case, Stainless Steel Bracelet Cuff Type, Swiss Quartz (Battery-Powered), K4021102

ck 迪斯科情怀展露无遗。它是一款以手铐为基础、设计优雅的手表,其灵感来自于迪斯科闪光灯球。这款瑞士手表采用饰有反光刻面的光泽半球形表链。表链如织物般缝合连接在一起,柔软地贴合肌肤。CALVIN KLEIN Women’s Disco Watch K4021102-奢品汇 | 海淘手表 | 腕表资讯