ESQ是Movado摩凡陀旗下时尚副牌,这款 Capital系列男款时尚腕表07301444,采用瑞士石英机芯,黑色表盘搭配银色条形时标和指针,小三针带日期显示,黑色镀离子不锈钢表壳,白色不锈钢表链,庄重典雅造型。矿物质表镜,表径42毫米,30米防水。

Ashford今日特价至$449.50,使用优惠码SDCAPITAL99 后$329。


ESQ by Movado, Capital, Men's Watch, Stainless Steel Case, Stainless Steel Bracelet Mesh Style, Swiss Quartz (Battery-Powered), 07301444

ESQ's a relatively new brand, founded in 1992, it’s amazing to see what the brains behind ESQ Swiss watches have accomplished. With 17 collections in four categories and a fantastic array of styles, ESQ Swiss watches are designed to appeal to the broadest range of watch enthusiasts. They are elegant, sporty, durable, and versatile all at the same time. Best known for being the “affordable Swiss watch”, ESQ Swiss watches meet the needs of consumers who want high-quality craftsmanship without having to spend a fortune. And they fuel a reputation for excellence that goes above and beyond being worthy of the company that they fall under, Movado Group, Inc.

ESQ BY MOVADO摩凡陀 CAPITAL系列 男款时尚腕表 07301444-奢品汇 | 海淘手表 | 腕表资讯ESQ BY MOVADO摩凡陀 CAPITAL系列 男款时尚腕表 07301444-奢品汇 | 海淘手表 | 腕表资讯