HAMILTON汉米尔顿Khaki Field卡其野战系列计时腕表H71566733,搭载了ETA H-21自动机械计时机芯,这款机芯是在经典的7750机芯基础上打磨而成,动力储备60小时,更为精准。黑色和银灰色搭配的表盘设计,两眼计时,3点钟位置日历、星期双显,双刻度显示,夜光显示,蓝宝石水晶表镜和背透,不锈钢表壳,白色缝线真皮表带,表径42毫米,100米防水。



Hamilton, Khaki Field Chrono Auto, Men’s Watch, Stainless Steel Case, Leather Strap, Swiss Mechanical Automatic (Self-Winding), H71566733

Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1892, Hamilton watches are an American classic. From its Broadway Limited series of pocket watches that became known as the “Watch of Railroad Accuracy,” to the world’s first battery-powered and digital timepieces, Hamilton has made several of the most dramatic changes to the horological landscape. The brand even closed its doors to consumer sales during World War II to provide 1 million timepieces to the American military. Lauded for its accuracy, durability and style, Hamilton has also made its imprint on pop culture, appearing on the wrists of A-list celebs in such Hollywood blockbusters as “Blue Hawaii,” “Men in Black” and “Pearl Harbor.”

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换个码再降:HAMILTON汉米尔顿 Khaki Field卡其战地系列 自动机械计时码表 H71566733-奢品汇 | 海淘手表 | 腕表资讯